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The idea

'permanent candles' mean a fascinating light source. 
Emotions of a wax candle plus the security 
act through the controlled, self-extinguishing flame 
calming. 'permanent candles' are especially for outdoor use
can be used, since deformation due to solar radiation is almost impossible
are. The easy to change 'poured' tea light lasts for many hours
full of light and warmth.



The UV resistance of our 'permanent candles' can be used
both indoors and outdoors due to solar radiation.
We owe this to the plastic used in the industry.
In connection with a wind light (lantern), the 'permanent candle' resists
also robust conditions.
For 'romantic' use on 'antique' candlesticks, the
'permanent candle' via a pinhole on the underside.



The longevity of the 'permanent candles' justifies
also a higher one-off purchase price.
Studies have shown that traditional pillar candles
already 'disposed of' after 50% of their lifetime.
By using our cast tea lights with a
special wick you can achieve a burn time between
6 - 8 hours, of course depending on the outside



Almost every place where the 'permanent candle' is placed
means safety for you and there is no contamination
by hot flowing wax.
Any deformation of the 'permanent candle' in one
normal environment belong to the past and therefore
a decoration relatively close to it is also possible, especially since
the self-extinguishing flame of the poured tea light for
further security.

Permanent candle burgundy

PriceFrom €30.00
  • Permanent Candle incl. 1 tea light

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