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These handmade unique pieces are made in Germany. 
The material passes through the air & the fire gradually develops a natural rusty patina.
The fire basket can be traditionally equipped with logs - a very comfortable one
and practical alternative are our flame bowls. This means that the "Gams" baskets outdoors 
can be used almost anywhere (e.g. also on wooden terraces) The flame bowls create a very 
romantic play of light in the vessel, whereas a crackling, sparkling fire equipped with wood 
will be a real hype for all friends of the open fire.

Our manufactory is also able to create individual designs, logos and motifs based on templates
implement - for your very personal fire basket. 


Iron Fire Basket

SKU: Feuerkorb
  • WTH: 40 x 40 x 80 cm 

  • iron

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