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Winter 2022

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About Us

Individuality is the luxury of our time. Selected home accessories such as from Lambert or Fink, the incomparable candles from the Engels candle factory, well-known labels that stand for quality - individually put together by us for you - form our range, which is then combined with our own productions, which we individually can be tailored to your wishes, becomes perfect.


In local manufactories in Austria and Germany, we have our collections with the "Gams", our feel-good armchairs and cushions created together with you, made in whatever way you like (and much more) and we top our range with our "permanent candles".

Design your own personal atmosphere with us.


We would be delighted to welcome you in search of the beautiful and special to decorate your home.


We stand for individuality, 21 years of experience, 11 of which are here in Reith.

New in the online range
Matching the Kitz Magazine | The new trend fabric "AOSTE"

Impressions from our showroom

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