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MOUTH AND NOSE MASK Trevira® Bioactive


Our mouth and nose mask is with95°C washable and permanently reusable. At this washing temperature, the mask is safely freed from all viruses and bacteria and then hygienically clean again.


skin friendly

In extensive long-term studies, the Hohenstein Institute has shown that Trevira Bioactive does not affect the skin flora. 



The bacteria on and in the fiber are damaged by elaborately incorporated silver ions. The fiber contains a permanent antimicrobial additive.


Fresh & odor inhibiting

The development of microbial odors is inhibited by the Trevira Bioactive fabric used, which has permanent antimicrobial properties. This ensures long-lasting freshness.


Comfortable hold

The sewn-in nose clip is flexible and can be constantly repositioned for comfortable wearing comfort
adjust the individual bridge of the nose.
Our lace closure made of comfortable material allows a perfect fit to any head shape.


Made in EU

The fabric is produced exclusively in Germany.
The processing sewing shop is located in Croatia.

No return possible

We ask for your understanding that we cannot take back masks for hygienic reasons. If a mask is faulty, we will of course be happy to replace it or take it back.

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